Elind guarantees prompt after sales servicing from its various service centers.
Elind was established in the year 1990 as a part of technical collaboration between Mr. Guido Beiletti and an Indian Company engaged in manufacturing of induction heating equipment. The objective was to introduce latest induction heating techniques in the Indian market. Elind has supplied machines ranging from 10kw to 3000kw for applications like forging, sintering, hardening, etc. to many leading companies all over India.


Hot and Warm Forging
Modern induction heating provides many advantages over other heating methods.
Hot shearing
Hot shearing line with auto loading and unloading system. Bars are sheared precisely, consistently at desired length.
Modern induction heating provides reliable, repeatable, non-contact and energy-efficient heat in a minimal amount of time.
For hardening, induction provides the necessary control and accuracy to focus the heat to a specific area of the part.
Annealing and Bright Annealing
Elind has supplied totally manual machines where components are placed by an operator inside a coil for annealing to a totally automated system.
Closed loop control, through the use of an optical pyrometer or other temperature sensing device, can provide constant heat.
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